Inspirational Ladies – Diana Cunnington

As we all know in ‘Bowls World’ Di, as she is affectionately known, has achieved world wide recognition throughout her career which has spanned over more than 4 decades. She has accumulated multiple titles from ground root levels through to international status.
She has stamped her mark on many a bowlers psyche with her fiercely competitive nature and unrelenting will to win. That’s what makes a champion, right?
Going forward to years later we see that Di has been notably absent from the greens in recent times largely due to two factors. She was recovering from multiple injuries after a couple of nasty falls, whilst at the same time she was caring for her dear husband, Ray who had been experiencing ill health.
So it was a breath of fresh air to see her out on the green once again doing what she loves, competing at the highest level, and cursing her bowl if it didn’t do what she expected of it.
Di and her Tweed Heads team skipped by Wendy Wilson, went on to win the recent Gold Coast District 4’s 2020. It was played in extreme heat and on heavy greens. Nearing the end of the tournament exhausted faces said it all.
So not withstanding the extreme forces of nature on the day one would think, so? We just put up with it & roll with it. But here, we are talking about a women who is fast approaching her 84th birthday and still giving it her all. What keeps her motivated I asked.
“I need to keep moving & I must. I still love my bowls and all that goes with it. ‘GET UP & KEEP MOVING’ is Di’s mantra. I lead a simple & well balanced life. I do what I have to do at home, Ray & I help each other with the chores. I do take time to get out and enjoy my bowls time. Ray & my children are my biggest supporters. I will keep playing bowls for as long as my body allows me”.
How many of us will be playing top grade bowls with gusto in our eighties?
Congratulations Di on a wonderful career. You inspire us all.

Diana Cunnington from Tweed Heads Bowls Club after her recent win in the District Fours 2020